Dictation Buddy


PC audio recording system for call centers, phones, dictation and transcription.

Publisher's description

Dictation Buddy is a Windows based program that records your voice from a microphone or telephone connection and saves the recording as a compressed sound file that you can play, edit, send, or publish. Dictation Buddy can be used to transcribe a recording or to record phone conversations from a single phone or in call-center environments The main features of Dictation Buddy include: - Automatic sound activation features mean that recording starts when audio sounds are detected - Automatic "save" facilities mean that sound files are automatically saved when a conversation ends. The files are saved in a user specified directory with a file naming format determined by the user. - Imbedded text and bookmark facility. - Recording and playback of compressed sound files using fast and efficient Windows codecs. - Ability to edit your recording - OLE support that allows you to imbed your recording in other files such as Microsoft Word documents. - Direct sending of your recording via email. - Easy to use audio wizard to help you select the best recording parameters. The program is an ideal choice for: - Dictating. - Recording phone conversations - Adding voice comments to a document, publishing speeches and other sound data to a Web site. - Sending voice messages through E-mail. - Re-recording from a portable dictaphone or cassette recorder. - Transcription

What's new in this version

• 1) Imbedded Text notes, 2) Bookmarks, 3) sound activation and reduction in silence intervals; 4) \"Auto save\" mode; 5) MP3 format support; 6) Global hot keys; 7) Options for hiding the main window

Minimum requirements

• Minimum 8MB RAM, 1MB Disk Space, Sound Card, Microphone

Additional info

Operating system: Win NT, Win 95, Win 98, Win 2000

Uninstaller: included

Release date: 2001-12-10

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